No.34 Always Happy Trio

Dress Perfume: Water-Based, 99% Anti-Bacterial, Long-Lasting Natural Scent & Multi-Use.
Hand Cream: It is a non-sticky, lightweight cream formulation that is quickly absorbed deep into the skin to keep your hands moist and soft.

Always Happy scent is enhanced by fruity notes of grapefruit, raspberry, pear, and plum, blended with fresh floral aromas while base notes of cedarwood and musk keep this floral scent grounded.

  • Top: Grapefruit, Raspberry, Pear, Plum
  • Heart: Jasmine, Rose, Violet, Lychee, Apple Blossom
  • Base: Cedarwood, Musk

The top, heart, and base notes intertwine to create a beautiful scent as unique & individual as you.

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Original price was: USD $49.94.Current price is: USD $34.98.

This set includes:

(1) No.34 Always Happy Dress Perfume (2.36 fl oz)

(1) No.34 Always Happy Dress Perfume (5.28 fl oz)

(1) No.34 Always Happy Hand Cream (1.69 fl oz)

Weight 3 lbs

Dress Perfume (5.28 fl oz) No.34 Always Happy, Dress Perfume (2.36 fl oz) No.34 Always Happy, Hand Cream (1.69 fl oz) No.34 Always Happy

Embrace your Scent-er of Attention!

W.Dressroom is a world of fragrance creating innovative & memorable scents sourced with fresh sensorial ingredients to inspire wellness and individuality with a hint of New York flair.
Designer, Choi Bum-Seok's collection of diverse scents allows you to make scent your fashion statement!





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