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About W.Dressroom USA

W.DRESSROOM USA specializes in premium fragrances and scented products. Our diverse offerings encompass body care essentials, hand creams, aromatherapy diffusers, refreshing room and fabric sprays, and unique car fresheners. Founded by Choi Bum Suk, our brand is built on the belief that the perfect scent should be the finishing touch to your unique style.
Every product in the W.DRESSROOM range is meticulously crafted with luxury ingredients sourced from Germany, ensuring unparalleled quality and fragrance. What sets us apart is not only the delightful scents we offer but also the proven deodorant and antimicrobial benefits that accompany our entire collection.
Majority of our products are proudly manufactured in Korea. This includes our bestsellers such as the Perfume Hand Cream, Perfume Diffuser, and Dress & Living Clear Perfume Eau de Cologne.
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